Streetwise Productions and MYA you can get VIP tickets to The Queen Rock Musical » Don’t Stop Us Now» The show will take place in the auditoreo La Nucia. MYA’s Torill and Henrik will also perform.

Dont Stop Us Now a Queen Rock Musical

Normal tickets are 10.- euros.

We start with a welcome drink at Carbones in La Nucia and after the show there will be served a meal and a couple of drinks.

So don’t miss this opportunity and order now.

Here are the different VIP packages:

Reserve the last weekend to this exclusive Queen musical and get your V.I.P. tickets. Best seating, a couple of drinks, a good dinner and a faboulous show.
15 singers and 40 dancers will perform «the best of Queen» in the auditorium in La Nucia on the 26th and 27th October 2012.Through MYA you can order your VIP tickets. There are 3 packages:
1. The show, 4 drinks, dinner, VIP seating, meeting the artists after the show.

45.- euros
2. As no. 1, but 1 night in 4 star hotel in Albir including an additional lunch:
85.- euros (in single room 95 euros)
3. As no. 1, but 3 nights in a 4 star hotel in Albir including all meals.
160.- euros. If you want to stay more nights, 35.- euros a night. (If single room, 10 euros more per night)How to order: Send an email with subject Queen to :

VIP tickets have to paid 1 week before the show.
Bankaccounts: 2090 0018 61 0200 18 4394
Subject the payment with Queen.


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